Our ambassadors are a group of renowned hair gurus who design, test, approve, and give their signature to products of the highest quality and performance out of their passion for hair care and love for you.

Anyone who sees Suellen on a daily basis, extremely busy between one customer and another at @rom.concept, has no idea that this brilliant hairstylist is a former model with an international career who has a passion for beauty in her DNA owing to her parents being hairdressers.

She became the extraordinary sensitive professional she is today after working with @romeufelipe, from whom she learned much of her technique, combining to her experiences as a makeup artist, assistant, and colorist.

Alex Moraes began his work as an assistant, progressively helping the top hairstylists at salons like Jacques Janine, Studio W, Marcos Proença, Juha Antero, and MG Hair Design. Our ambassador embodies sheer experience and skill, as well as unrivaled expertise in cutting, color, and chemistry. That is how he is building his own business, a hair salon that he plans to launch shortly in one of Sao Paulo’s most affluent neighborhoods, Jardim Europa.

Ma??rcio Oliveira has had a successful career as a hairdresser and colorist since he left the countryside of Minas Gerais, 15 years ago. He has specialized in female hair cutting, adding method to his natural talents. Ma??rcio has always been fascinated by beauty. Always dedicated, he has earned well-deserved fame and respect for each accomplishment, and he now combines all of his expertise and skill at his own hair shop in Belo Horizonte.

Chris Rodrigues has established himself as an authority in hair extensions in his 18 years as a beauty pro. After working in Paris and Los Angeles, he now spends his time between the courses he teaches in and outside of Brazil, as well as his own salon, Casa Chris Rodrigues, in one of Sao Paulo’s most affluent districts, Jardins.

Joao Bosco’s undeniable talent was discovered while he was just 16 years old. His dedication to the study of visagism, as well as his experience working in high-end salons, were critical to his professional growth. Apart from being a partner at the famous 1838, his fashion magazine praise and international professional trajectory in cities such as London, Paris, New York, and Berlin established him as one of the most notable hair stylists.