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Shades of Beige

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Irony vape green juice pop-up pork belly, kitsch shabby chic. Williamsburg letterpress 90s.

  • AED 175.00

    High Protect is a powerful thermal protector full of incredible functions. It defends hair against heat waves up to 230º, protects it also against external damage like sunlight and pollution, reduces hair drying time frizziness, prevents split ends and doesn’t weigh down the hair. High Protect has a unique formula based on a blend of amino acids, rice and soy proteins plus Vitamin E. It can be combined with any other Braé products and suits all hair types.

  • AED 235.00

    Go Curly Cachos e Crespos Styling Cream was designed for protecting, hydrating and ensuring that super curls are well shaped throughout the day.

  • AED 365.00

    The Go Curly Crespos leave-in gives your super curls an additional hydration, definition, nourishment and protection, as well as provides softness and anti-knot action.

  • AED 520.00

    The Go Curly Crespos mask is super practical to use and provides unique results for super curly hair which are naturally very dry, fragile and prone to breakage, more porous and not shiny. So this hair care stage shouldn’t be skipped under any circumstances.

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