Leave Ins

  • AED 192.00

    Revival Instant Repair and Shine Leave-In is a powerful revitalizing treatment that intensely nourishes and restores hair where it’s needed most.
    The innovative formula protects against heat, provides silky, healthy and manageable hair, making brushing and styling easier.

  • AED 185.00

    Revival Moisturising Spray instantly hydrates dry and damaged hair, leaving it moisture, silky smooth and soft to the touch.
    The spray restores the most sensitive and damaged areas of the hair, helping to fight split ends. Promotes flexibility, making hair soft and smooth to the touch.
    The delicious fragrance leaves your hair smelling and feeling beautiful.

  • AED 189.00

    Thermal Blonde Leave In is more than a finisher for blondes. It is a continuous treatment for blonde and bleached hair.
    It’s unique formula has anti-frizz, anti-yellowing action with a slight purple tone that gradually regenerates discoloured fibres and protects hair from heat.