Oils & Serums

  • AED 205.00

    The Essential Oil Blend is the secret to perfectly nourished and protected hair. Its exclusive formula contains Vitaoils Repair – a complex
    of avocado, rosehip, sunflower and macadamia oils – offering intense hair nourishment and repair. It also forms
    a protective film around the hair, preventing moisture loss and keeping hair hydrated for longer.
    Hyaluronic Acid completes this rich formula, promoting hydration, protection against thermal and daily aggressions
    and repair of damaged wires and split ends.

  • AED 196.00

    Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil is formulated with coconut, avocado and macadamia oils.
    The oil moisturises and nourishes the hair, replenishing lipids.
    The luxurious scent is an added extra, and the lightweight nature of the oil doesn’t leave the hair oily or greasy. Instead, the oil leaves the hair super soft, smelling amazing, with a high shine finish.
    Regular use of Revival Shine Oil prevents split ends and increases hair’s vitality and softness.

  • AED 196.00

    Divine Serum Plume Sensation works with unruly thick hair to smooth and eliminate frizz.
    This innovative serum promotes shine and gives a lightweight finish. Split ends are eliminated making hair easier to manage.

  • AED 198.00

    Soul Colour Oil Blend is formulated specifically for colour-treated or highlighted hair.
    The oil contains powerful antioxidants to help protect hair colour.
    It’s exclusive formula hydrates, nourishes and seals dry ends, adding shine, softness and vitality to colour-treated hair.