Prone To Hair Fall

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    AED 171.00

    Final Touch is the last step in your routine, ideal for styling, adding volume and defining the hairstyle. The finishing spray has dry touch, with no sticky residue and adds shine that lasts all day and night.
    When you’re ready to change up your style simply brush it out and you’re ready to style again.
    Formulated with Amphomer, an active agent that has great fixing power for better hairstyle durability, in addition to providing resistance to humidity.

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    AED 427.50

    This gentle cleansing shampoo combines cleansing action, with oil and dandruff control.
    Puring Shampoo is formulated with natural active agents, mint, green tea and ginger.
    It’s formula cleanses hair, protects against dryness and activates scalp circulation, whilst helping to renew strands for healthier, more flexible and shinier hair.

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    AED 139.50

    Puring gentle cleansing shampoo developed with assets that assist in the control of oils, balancing the sebaceous function. Protects the scalp and lightly moisturises the strands, giving natural shine renewing the healthy appearance.

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    AED 176.40

    Essential Repair Spray is suitable for all hair types. It promotes restoration of damaged hair, moisturises and intensively nourishes the hair.
    The Essential Spray is formulated from a rich complex of amino acids, panthenol, coconut oil, and hyaluronic acid, which penetrate the hair to restore its entire structure. Hair is soft, silky and has a high shine finish.
    The unique hyaluronic acid formula helps with detangling and styling.
    The Essential Repair Spray provides long term hydration, thermal , UV, sea salt and chlorine protection.
    Essential Spray can be also used as a leave-in or reconstructive hair treatment.