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    AED 220.00

    Beauty Sleep works while you’re sleeping, so when you wake up your hair is super soft, nourished, hydrated and easy to style.
    It is formulated from four key active agents: Niacinamide (B3), Curveline, Fiber Plug in and Vitamin E.
    These four ingredients work together to deeply nourish the hair, balance oiliness, protect against fizz and prevents colour loss of coloured hair.

  • AED 315.00

    Blooming Rose Perfume has been specially developed to leave your hair with a fragrant and shiny aura.
    Treat your hair to the irresistible fragrance of Blooming Rose perfume, guaranteed to turn heads! Add shine and release an irresistible fragrance with every hair swish!


  • AED 190.00

    Final Touch is the last step in your routine, ideal for styling, adding volume and defining the hairstyle. The finishing spray has dry touch, with no sticky residue and adds shine that lasts all day and night.
    When you’re ready to change up your style, simply brush it out, and you’re ready to style again.
    Formulated with Amphomer, an active agent that has great fixing power for better hairstyle durability, in addition to providing resistance to humidity.

  • AED 235.00

    Go Curly Cachos e Crespos Styling Cream was designed for protecting, hydrating and ensuring that super curls are well shaped throughout the day.

  • AED 175.00

    High Protect is a powerful thermal protector full of incredible functions. It defends hair against heat waves up to 230º, protects it also against external damage like sunlight and pollution, reduces hair drying time frizziness, prevents split ends and doesn’t weigh down the hair. High Protect has a unique formula based on a blend of amino acids, rice and soy proteins plus Vitamin E. It can be combined with any other Braé products and suits all hair types.

  • AED 145.00

    So Fresh is the ultimate dry shampoo for all types of hair. It instantly cleans the scalp and hair, between washes, leaving no white powder or residue. So Fresh is formulated with Trikenol plus, Symdecanox, Tospearl 3000 A and Ormadry CLC, eliminating 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The dry shampoo promotes 4-in-1 action: cleans sanitises, protects, and hydrates without causing dryness, acting like a sponge for oil, giving a clean and smooth touch. It provides natural volume with a light and refreshing texture,  neutralises odour and leaves a clean scent.

  • AED 192.00

    Revival Instant Repair and Shine Leave-In is a powerful revitalizing treatment that intensely nourishes and restores hair where it’s needed most.
    The innovative formula protects against heat, provides silky, healthy and manageable hair, making brushing and styling easier.

  • AED 185.00

    Revival Moisturising Spray instantly hydrates dry and damaged hair, leaving it moisture, silky smooth and soft to the touch.
    The spray restores the most sensitive and damaged areas of the hair, helping to fight split ends. Promotes flexibility, making hair soft and smooth to the touch.
    The delicious fragrance leaves your hair smelling and feeling beautiful.

  • AED 196.00

    Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil is formulated with coconut, avocado and macadamia oils.
    The oil moisturises and nourishes the hair, replenishing lipids.
    The luxurious scent is an added extra, and the lightweight nature of the oil doesn’t leave the hair oily or greasy. Instead, the oil leaves the hair super soft, smelling amazing, with a high shine finish.
    Regular use of Revival Shine Oil prevents split ends and increases hair’s vitality and softness.

  • AED 189.00

    Deep hydration in just a few minutes.
    A Prodew500 new technology using a blend of coconut, avocado and jojoba oils combined with a keratin protein molecule that provides nourishment, moisture and seal cuticles for a silkier, shinier, frizz free appearance.
    Brae’s innovative liquid texture mask makes absorbing easier than a traditional cream mask. It can penetrate even the driest of hair.

  • AED 196.00

    Divine Serum Plume Sensation works with unruly thick hair to smooth and eliminate frizz.
    This innovative serum promotes shine and gives a lightweight finish. Split ends are eliminated making hair easier to manage.

  • AED 189.00

    Divine Leave-In Ten-In-One Cream Mask combines 10 revitalising benefits with instant hair protection.
    The leave-in provides nutrition, hydration, shine, softness, plasticity and strength to the hair. While also protecting against heat, harmful UV rays, chlorine and salt from the sea!
    Divine Leave in works to protect against breakage and minimises the appearance of frizz.

  • AED 198.00

    Soul Colour Oil Blend is formulated specifically for colour-treated or highlighted hair.
    The oil contains powerful antioxidants to help protect hair colour.
    It’s exclusive formula hydrates, nourishes and seals dry ends, adding shine, softness and vitality to colour-treated hair.

  • AED 184.00

    Designed specifically for colour-treated or highlighted hair, Soul Colour Primer Shine Spray is a powerful primer that protects hair from colour fade and heat damage.
    Just as in the makeup the primer must be applied
    before any other product in your routine, it has
    the light consistency that does not weigh down the hair.
    The Soul Colour Primer conceals imperfections and it prepares hair for styling. It acts by closing the
    cuticles, and smooths the texture reducing the brittle appearance and the appearance of split ends.
    With thermal and UV protection, the primer provides colour protection, hydration, softening and intense shine.

  • AED 196.00

    The Soul Colour BB Spray is a hydrating and detangling leave-in treatment.
    The BB Spray helps protect and condition colour-treated or highlighted hair, further enhancing the vibrancy and longevity of hair colour.
    The spray also protects against UV, heat, chlorine and sea salt.
    Your hair is left with a silky finish and professional looking blow dry.

  • AED 145.00

    The Gorgeous Volume Texture Spray hydrates and textures the hair, resulting in brighter, bouncier, lighter and more voluminous hair.
    The texture spray helps fight hair loss and promotes hair growth.