• AED 480.00

    Revival Shampoo is created with a unique innovative formula, which includes blend of vitamins and proteins which carefully restore the structure of the most damaged areas of the hair, making them stronger and healthier.

  • AED 475.00

    Especially formulated for colour-treated or highlighted hair. Soul Colour Shampoo gently cleanses hair, while the antioxidants and nourishing agents protect and repair hair to prevent colour fading and damage. The low pH level in the shampoo leaves hair instantly soft and manageable.

  • AED 475.00

    This gentle cleansing shampoo combines cleansing action, with oil and dandruff control.
    Puring Shampoo is formulated with natural active agents, mint, green tea and ginger.
    It’s formula cleanses hair, protects against dryness and activates scalp circulation, whilst helping to renew strands for healthier, more flexible and shinier hair.

  • AED 475.00

    Gorgeous Volume Shampoo contains biotin, wheat protein and amino acids to make hair stronger and fuller with more shine. Oil production is regulated to improve the natural volume.
    Our Gorgeous volume line also helps fight hair loss and promotes hair growth.

  • AED 370.00

    Luxurious blond hair requires special care. With this in mind, Braé developed Bond Angel Matizador with unique formulas that work on bleached strands, neutralising yellow tones in the hair.
    The purple blond balance shampoo has a consistent, rich formula that maintains brightness and colour. It also protects the hair, so you can maintain your luxurious blond for longer.
    We recommend using the balance shampoo twice a week for maximum effect.