• AED 420.00

    During the process of bleaching, coloring, straightening and relaxation the hair loses some bonds means that the hair can become brittle and break. Bond Angel multiples and protects the disulphide bridges within the cortex reducing damage and breakage.

  • AED 375.00

    An immediately effective treatment for severely damaged and weak hair. An innovative formula with impressive results. Chemically damaged hair that was once considered a lost cause, come to life with revival . Its exclusive technology consists of a blend of vitamins that gradually and deeply restore all hair fiber layers with revival, you can salvage damaged hair.

  • AED 285.00

    Coloured and glossy hair for much longer.
    The colour hair schedule protects against colour fading and aging. It works to deeply hydrate, nourish and repair the hair fibres.
    This powerful 3 -week treatment our favourite Brae hair care lines renowned for repairing and revitalising coloured hair:
    Soul Colour, Revival and Divine.

  • AED 285.00

    The repair capillary schedule promotes strengthening, repair, nourishment and moisturising. The intense treatment schedule works to penetrate deep into the hair repairing fibres and bonds.
    The powerful 3 week treatment leaves hair stronger, frizz free and revitalised with an intense shine.
    This set contains our renowned lines for intense repair: Bond Angel, Revival, and Divine.

  • AED 164.00

    Luxurious blond hair requires special care. With this in mind, BRAÉ has ​​developed an exclusive line of Bond Angel Matizador toners with unique formulas that work on bleached strands, neutralising yellow tones in the hair while reconstructing the bonds.
    Maintains colour and protects the hair, so you can maintain your luxurious blond for longer.

  • AED 170.00

    The Fortifier is Bond Angel’s highly effective hair regenerating and strengthening treatment for bleached or chemically processed hair. The fortifier rebuilds the bonds that are damaged from bleaching and chemical treatments
    The formula contains the same professional hair protection and treatment components as the professional Bond Angel line.
    The main function of the treatment is to strengthen and protect the hair for a prolonged period of time.