Revival Reconstruction Set 2

AED 375.00

An immediately effective treatment for severely damaged and weak hair. An innovative formula with impressive results. Chemically damaged hair that was once considered a lost cause, come to life with revival . Its exclusive technology consists of a blend of vitamins that gradually and deeply restore all hair fiber layers with revival, you can salvage damaged hair.


Separate clean and wet hair into small locks. 1. Apply revival one, starting at the neck. Use a fine-tooth comb for better product distribution. After applying throughout hair. Let sit for 5 minutes under the heat source. 2. Without rinsing hair, apply revival two as instructed for revival one. Return to heat source for 10 more minutes. 3. Wait for hair to cool and rinse with warm water without using shampoo. 4. Dry and style as desire.

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    Revival Instant Repair and Shine Leave-In is a powerful revitalizing treatment that intensely nourishes and restores hair where it’s needed most.
    The innovative formula protects against heat, provides silky, healthy and manageable hair, making brushing and styling easier.

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    Revival Deep Recovery Hair Mask reaches a new level in restoring severely damaged hair.
    Brae’s Reconstruction Technology contains active ingredients, a blend of ojon oil and amino acids that help repair hair fibres and create a protective layer around each strand of hair. The Revival Mask reconstructs damaged hair, locks in moisture and provides the highest level of protection against future damage.

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    Revival Moisturising Spray instantly hydrates dry and damaged hair, leaving it moisture, silky smooth and soft to the touch.
    The spray restores the most sensitive and damaged areas of the hair, helping to fight split ends. Promotes flexibility, making hair soft and smooth to the touch.
    The delicious fragrance leaves your hair smelling and feeling beautiful.

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    Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil is formulated with coconut, avocado and macadamia oils.
    The oil moisturises and nourishes the hair, replenishing lipids.
    The luxurious scent is an added extra, and the lightweight nature of the oil doesn’t leave the hair oily or greasy. Instead, the oil leaves the hair super soft, smelling amazing, with a high shine finish.
    Regular use of Revival Shine Oil prevents split ends and increases hair’s vitality and softness.

Revival Reconstruction Set 2

AED 375.00

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